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Dead Dog Cave


Injasuti Wilderness Area

This enormous, unmarked cave is not open to hikers, since it is used by the Parks Authority for its commercial overnight hikes.  It is about one kilometre from Fergy's Cave up the little tributary of the Mbovaneni River which runs just past the side of Fergy's Cave and at right angles to the main river.  The cave is situated on a sandstone shelf hidden for the most part behind a wooded glen.  What follows is a description which might prove useful to day visitors and those who can afford the commercial option.

Co-ordinates (WGS84 / dd mm.mmm):

S29 09.906 E29 25.618 at (No signal) metres


Accommodation: 12

Dead Dog Cave is a sandstone overhang of enormous proportions, being over 100 metres long from one end to the other.  However, only the northern end is used for camping.  This section is littered with large rocks which make useful cooking tables and seating, especially since the floor of the cave is very dusty.

One must assume that whoever named the cave found a dead dog there, unless he was just dog-tired on arrival!


The sleeping areas are relatively level but consist of fine sand.


In summer the little stream which falls over the front of the cave and disappears into the wooded glen below should be sufficient to provide you with all your drinking and cooking water, but in winter this dries up completely and you will have to carry all your requirements up from the Mbovaneni.


There are no pools in the immediate vicinity of the cave.


The cave provides good shelter from the elements, although any wind that manages to enter it will stir up dust.


The cave faces west and affords an excellent view of the escarpment on a clear day.  Being quite high up a shallow valley overlooking a wooded glen, the scenery in the immediate vicinity of the cave is also interesting.


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