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Wave Cave


Garden Castle Wilderness Area

Wave Cave is about 50 metres from Curtain Cave.

Co-ordinates (WGS84 / dd mm.mmm):

S29 46.729 E29 09.694 at 2186 metres


Accommodation: 4

Wave Cave is a small shelter under a sandstone overhang which is shaped remarkably like a shore breaker.  Only a small area of the floor is located under the deepest part of the overhang, and this can accommodate 3 people.  It is possible to squeeze another 3 to 5 hikers in elsewhere under the overhang, but some of these would be even more exposed because the cave offers very little protection from the weather.  Nearby Curtain Cave could be used to accommodate the remainder of a larger hike party.

Wave Cave derives its name from the shape of the overhang, which actually extends about 50 metres past the sleeping area and into a quaint little valley beyond.  When viewed from above Curtain Cave, the likeness of this overhang to a shore breaker is quite remarkable.


The flat sleeping area is punctuated by small protrusions of rock.  A good hiking mattress would help to smooth these over!


Three small streams flow past the cave - one below it and two behind it.  All of these are within fairly easy reach.


There is a single, large, shallow pool at the bottom of the waterfall below Curtain Cave formed by the stream which flows through this cave.  This stream also passes through a pool inside Curtain Cave itself, but in the dry season it can disappear altogether.  There are numerous smaller pools in the other two streams above and below Wave Cave, some of which are conveniently situated in the bedrock.  However, these are all only suitable for washing, since none are deep enough for a genuine swim.


The main section of the cave is usually dry and well sheltered from the rain, and the low stone walls on either side help keep out the worst of the wind.  However, being located in a narrow section of a small valley, the wind can gust powerfully through the cave, driving any rain in with it!  The cave is also exposed to mist which can drench everything inside.


The cave is east-facing and gets the morning sun.  It overlooks Curtain Cave, whose overhang has an unusual diamond-patterned surface.  Beyond this lies a high ridge with some interesting rock formations.  From just behind the cave there are some good but limited views of the escarpment above Mzimude Pass.


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