Keith Ashton

Keith Ashton is our oldest (age 75 in 2014) hike leader, vastly experienced in all types of hiking in 60 years of hike experience!   He has been leading for 15 years after retiring as a Chartered Mechanical Engineer.  Keith is also active in the Midlands Hiking Club and leads hikes jointly for both Clubs.  We are ever grateful to Keith for his energy and committment, and greatly admire his ever youthful prowess as a hiker and a hike Leader!

His most extreme hike / greatest hiking acheivement is the Grand Traverse in both directions - the last one was done at 68 + years of age.
The most extreme conditions he's hiked in includes torrential rain, howling gales & temperatures down to minus 18 C.
The most exotic/epic hike done? One of the most unusual & interesting was leading the 8-day trail in the Naukluft Mountains in Namibia & recently (last Oct-Nov) hiking for 28 days on St Helena Island (one of the most isolated islands in the world). Previously climbing Mount Kenya by a circular route was also very scenic & interesting.
Other interests:  e.g. climbing, BASE jumping, parachuting, conservation, on any committees, other sports : Extensive travelling, camping, odd jobs at home & gardening & a love of music & spending time with the family & grand children.
ONE bit of advice for hikers : For anyone seriously interested in hiking a good comfortable (preferable rated waterproof & breathable) pair of hiking boots are strongly recommended - pack a good waterproof & breathable jacket & for very cold weather a down jacket to wear in caves or at camp sites etc & using a small pillowcase it makes an excellent pillow - I would not be without mine.
Favourite overnight hiking dinner. : My wife Margaret's home made pre-cooked pork or beef pieces combined with a mixture of barley, split peas, red & brown lentils plus butternut pieces.  These are frozen in a container & a wholesome meal can be enjoyed in a cave or wilderness camping.  Pudding is home made cake + a cup of hot chocolate. I enjoy a good tot of Drambuie before or after the meal.


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