Code of Conduct

All Club members are bound by the following Code of Conduct:

  1. Participation in a Club hike is a privilege rather than a right, and it is a leader's prerogative to deny a member's participation on the grounds of poor or unknown fitness, poor health or inadequate equipment.
  2. Acceptance for participation in an official Club hike should be seen as a binding commitment unless exceptional circumstances (e.g. sudden ill-health) determine otherwise.
  3. The leader's instructions must be followed at all times, and the cheerful cooperation of members is expected. If instructions appear unclear or ambiguous, the leader should be asked to clarify them to avoid misunderstanding.
  4. No-one may walk ahead of the leader or leave the main party except with the leader's express knowledge and permission. Members must take their cue from the leader at all times and not follow other members.
  5. The KZN Wildlife Mountain Register (where applicable) and the Club's own Hike Register and Indemnity Form must be properly completed with all the necessary information supplied, including any medical problems, in advance of the hike.
  6. The natural environment, including fauna and flora, is to be treated with the greatest respect at all times. Short-cuts that may cause or increase erosion must be avoided. Flowers may not be picked.
  7. Rock art must not be touched, wetted or damaged in any way, and major sites may only be visited in the presence of an Amafa-accredited Rock Art Custodian.
  8. Members must treat the private property of other members and land owners with respect and report any accidental damage.
  9. All rubbish - including cigarette butts, matchsticks, candle wax, fruit peels, cans, empty gas cylinders and food wrappers - must be carried out of the hike area and disposed of properly. Rubbish may not be buried.
  10. Human waste and toilet paper must be properly buried out in the open away from paths, streams and overhangs. The same applies to cooked left-overs where these cannot be carried out of the hike area.
  11. Campfires are not permitted anywhere in the uKhahlamba-Drakensberg World Heritage Site.
  12. The Club is represented by its members who are therefore expected to conduct themselves in a dignified, respectful and friendly manner at all times and especially in their dealings with third parties such as parks officials.

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