Life Members

Club members who have been awarded Life Membership status in recognition of their special contribution to the Club are:

Jenny Owen

Jenny has led six Grand Traverses in succession and used them to raise funds for CHOC (Childhood Cancer Foundation).  This has brought the Club much positive publicity and made it better known to the general public.

Piet Smit

Piet was the Club's one and only quartermaster since its startup in 1987 until 2013.  He oversaw the Club's equipment, maintaining it and checking it in and out when it was hired by Club members.

Linda Marsden-King

Linda served the Club for many years as our most prolific day hike leader, especially in Kloof Gorge.  She was instrumental in attracting the most new members to the Club by her warm and encouraging leadership style.

David Gay

David is recognized with gratitude for the huge effort made in developing and successfully implementing this website.  He also served on the Executive Committee as Backpacking Convener from 2006 until 2010 and continues to lead hikes for the Club.


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