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David Gay

DavidGayI was introduced to backpacking in 1979 when I did the Fanie Botha Trail. Over the next few years I assisted with and then led annual backpacking trips for a youth group. As a high school teacher I started an outdoor club and made backpacking one of its main activities. I also got involved as a…

Keith Ashton

Keith Ashton is our oldest (age 75 in 2014) hike leader, vastly experienced in all types of hiking in 60 years of hike experience!   He has been leading for 15 years after retiring as a Chartered Mechanical Engineer.  Keith is also active in the Midlands Hiking Club and leads hikes jointly for both Clubs.  We are ever grateful to Keith for his energy and committment, and greatly admire his ever youthful prowess as a hiker and a hike Leader!


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