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Chameleon Cave


Cobham Wilderness Area

The cave is about 200 metres from Venice Cave, facing west in the same direction as the latter.  Unlike Venice Cave, however, it is located in a wider little valley and there is a large dip in front of it.  These features combine to make it one of the most exposed caves in the berg.  The overhang, although long, is high and not very deep, thus ensuring that its occupants are exposed to the full force of any adverse weather.

Co-ordinates (WGS84 / dd mm.mmm):

S29 39.825 E29 16.611 at 2112 metres


Accommodation: 12

This cave can accommodate 12 people in dry weather.

Some say that the right-hand lip of the cave resembles a crouching chameleon and that is where the cave got its name from.  Although there may be some truth in this, at certain times of the year it is possible to find dwarf chameleons inside the cave.  Please take great care not to hurt or disturb these rare little creatures if you are lucky enough to come across them!


The floor is rocky in places, but provides adequate space for up to 12 people.  However, no comfort can be guaranteed in the face of adverse weather!


In summer a very small stream runs down the little valley just below the cave.  In winter this may dry up completely, and the nearest water source becomes the Mzimkhulwana River at Venice Cave.


There are no pools in the vicinity of the cave, although a very large, muddy tarn nearby may provide a poor substitute!


If you choose to overnight in this cave you will feel very exposed.  It will not protect its occupants from driven rain or wind.


The cave faces west towards the escarpment and affords a fine view towards the Stones Passes.  Because of the gently rolling hillside opposite it, not much more can be seen in this direction from the mouth of the cave.  However, if you exit the cave to the right, there is a breathtaking view across a small plateau towards Little Bamboo Mountain, The Island, and the rest of the southern Drakensberg which generates a feeling of withdrawn seclusion.


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