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Fun Cave


Garden Castle Wilderness Area

This cave is conveniently located near the bottom of both Mzimkhulu Pass and Verkyker Pass, and can be reached via either of these routes or by following the Mzimkhulu River up from Castle View Farm.  The latter route is an interesting one and takes one through the Mzimkhulu Pipeline and past some magnificent stretches of indigenous forest.  There are also many fine pools along the route.  The cave is located at the top end of a narrow gorge which, unusually, opens out again towards the bottom of the passes.  Directly across the stream from Fun Cave but slightly higher than it is Verkyker Cave, a small deep cave which may provide better shelter than Fun Cave in adverse weather.  Please note that it is common courtesy to obtain permission from the owner of Castle View Farm before crossing his property.  Ask the booking office at Garden Castle how to contact the owner.

Co-ordinates (WGS84 / dd mm.mmm):

S29 41.519 E29 11.660 at 2153 metres


Accommodation: 12

Fun Cave is a narrow, sloping overhang.  It is divided into several small sleeping areas which together can accommodate 12 people.

On a calm summer's day, Fun Cave lives up to its name because of its location on a very special stretch of the Mzimkhulu River where lots of fun can be had swimming, exploring and sunbathing up- and down-river from the cave.


The sleeping areas are fairly level and smooth.


The cave is situated above scalloped bedrock over which the Mzimkhulu river (here only a stream) flows.  The stream is less than 25 metres from the cave and is easily accessible.  In high summer a very large quantity of water can flow through this narrow gully, but it is well below the cave which is therefore safe from flooding.


There are numerous pools in the Mzimkhulu River both upstream and downstream  from the cave, with plenty of bedrock on which to sunbathe where there are no shadows.


Fun Cave must have been named on a perfect summer morning!  At other times the narrow gorge funnels wind through the cave with tremendous force, and because of the high sides to the gorge, the cave receives only a small amount of sun in the early morning.  After a day of swimming and sunshine, you will need to dress quite warmly!  The narrow overhang also does not shelter its occupants completely from driving rain.


Its location in the gorge provides for a unique outlook with some interesting rock formations.  A short walk out of the cave will provide a magnificent view towards the escarpment and the Mzimkhulu and Verkyker passes.


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