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Goats Cave


Bushman\\\'s Nek Wilderness Area

This is an escarpment cave with a fine view over the southern reaches of the Natal Drakensberg.  After Ngwangwane Pass which is just to the north of Goats Cave, the route up past Lammergeier Cave and Goats Cave provides the easiest access into Lesotho from Natal.  Hikers do not need passports to pass through the police border post at the entrance to the Bushman's Nek Wilderness Area if they are not planning to make a formal entry into Lesotho.

Co-ordinates (WGS84 / dd mm.mmm):

S29 49.837 E29 07.807 at 2616 metres


Accommodation: 10

The cave can accommodate 10 people.

Goats Cave is separated from Lesotho by a ridge, on which Tomathu Peak is the highest point.  The Lesotho side of the ridge overlooks a gently-sloped valley whose highest point is at about the same elevation as the cave, and the whole picturesque little valley is mostly covered in what can best be described as a well-manicured lawn, split in two by a small, meandering stream edged with tussocks of swamp grass.  Goats, cattle, horses and donkeys can usually be found grazing here in the summer months.  Another very large cave at the opposite end of the ridge to Goats Cave, and on the Lesotho side of the border, has been divided into several pens for livestock.  Goats Cave gets its name from the fact that it was once used for the same purpose.


The floor of the cave is fairly level, but is often overgrown with weeds, including burs.  It may also be a bit muddy in summer.


There is a reliable stream running past Lammergeier Cave which is several hundred metres from Goats Cave and about 100 metres below it.  Hikers should collect water there if they are heading up towards Goats Cave.  Otherwise an easier alternative is to walk around Thomathu Peak and collect water from the stream behind it in Lesotho.  However, this stream is used by livestock and may not be suitable during the summer season when animals abound in the area.


There are no pools at all in the area.


Goats Cave is a fairly large overhang with very open sides.  It does not provide any shelter from wind, but should keep you dry.  The cave is probably best avoided during the windy season (September - October), when gale-force winds can tear through the area.  Beware of theft by local Basutho herd boys.


The cave offers an inspiring view of the escarpment to the north, and the Underberg area to the east.  This area is renown for its unusual rock formations and dolerite sills and dykes.  The southern berg is often the first part of the Natal Drakensberg to receive snow, and the outlook from the cave after a snowfall is magnificent.


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