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Icidi Cave


Mnweni Reservation

Co-ordinates (WGS84 / dd mm.mmm):

S28 48.473 E28 55.947 at 3097 metres


Accommodation: 5

Icidi cave is part of a long overhanging rock band about 350 m from Icidi Pass. Besides the cave there are numerous places along this band that offer a small degree of shelter. Though not immediately visible from the top of the pass, it is an obvious overhang that is clearly visible from a distance. It becomes visible a short distance in from the pass, lying about 100 m above, on the slopes leading up to the nameless peak associated with Icidi Pass. The main sleeping area can accommodate 4 people, while another person can sleep in the secondary area directly next to it. This secondary area is wet in the summer, however. There is also a deep but very low roofed area next the cave which could accommodate another 2 people though it is extremely cramped and would not be very comfortable.

Information about this cave was supplied by C Sommer.


The main sleeping area is reasonably flat and spacious. The secondary area accommodating another person is more suited for the drier months because it becomes wet. Though the cave has several damp spots in the summer the main area remains dry.


A reliable water source (with a waterfall in summer) is situated near the top of the pass.


There are some shallow pools at the waterfall one can bathe in. The waterfall itself provides a decent shower.


As far as escarpment caves go Icidi Cave provides reasonable shelter though being an overhang (and not a tunnel as some of the other escarpment caves are) it can be vulnerable to weather coming in from the front. Wind could prove to be a nuisance in spite of the small stone wall.


Due to it's high elevation the cave provides a pleasant and picturesque view over the Icidi area including the waterfall near the pass and Icidi Buttress.


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