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Judging from both maps (Slingsby's and the newer ones), Ifidi Cave should be directly north of the northern Pinnacle, in the apex of the gully created by it.  It should be east of a north-south line extrapolated through Ifidi pass and should be right on the edge of the escarpment. The cave's altitude is about 2 900 metres according to the new map and 3 000 metres according to Slingsby's.

This relative positioning, as well as the direction the cave faces, is matched perfectly by the second overhang listed below.  This overhang is further north of the main Ifidi cave at an altitude of 3 047metres.  Since it matches the location on the maps so well, Chris Sommer refers to it as the "False Ifidi Cave".  It is about 400 metres from the top of Ifidi Pass and in a good strategic location for escarpment traverses, so it is ideally situated.  It can sleep 3 people, 2 in the main area and a third about 3 metres away.

To get to the main Ifidi Cave, start at an un-named overhang at the point where the slopes of Ifidi Peak start rising swiftly, drop down a few metres below the edge of the escarpment, then traverse a steep grass slope for about 250 metres. This takes you under the cliffs of Ifidi Peak where the height difference between you and the top increases rapidly. The cave suddenly appears around a corner. There are no trails or cairns to the cave, but it can be spotted from the summit of Thaba Endanyazana.

There is yet another overhang situated west of the north-south line from Ifidi pass, 300 metres in from the edge and at an altitude of 3 098 metres. It is set in a rock band as opposed to a gully.  Chris Sommer and his party have named this last cave Veranda Cave.

Co-ordinates (WGS84 / dd mm.mmm):

S28 47.755 E28 56.737 at 3080 metres


Accommodation: 8

The main Ifidi cave is a long, relatively shallow overhang.

Information about these caves has been supplied by C Sommer.


The floor of the main sleeping area is fairly level and should provide sufficient space for 6 to 8 hikers, but may be a bit dusty.


During the summer there should be no shortage of drips and small trickles next to the caves.  In the dry season one may have to fetch water from further afield.


There are no pools in the immediate vicinity of the cave.


In calm weather the cave will provide good shelter, but because of its length and location, this will not be the case in windy conditions.


The cave offers a spectacular view out over the edge of the escarpment.


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