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Lower Injasuti Cave


Injasuti Wilderness Area

Lower Injasuti Cave is about 9 km from the Injasuti Hutted Camp over a relatively easy route, but it does require several river crossings which may prove difficult for young or inexperienced hikers. Beware of the Njasuthi River crossing in summer though - this can be dangerous and you should far rather take the alternative route over the road bridge instead under these conditions.

Co-ordinates (WGS84 / dd mm.mmm):

S29.17089 E29.40480 at 1813 metres


Accommodation: 12

Lower Injasuti Cave overlooks a very wide flood section of the Injasuti River, but this is not easily accessible from the cave. About 100 metres downstream the river squeezes into a narrow channel, and it is around this point that a fairly large tributary cascades down a series of small waterfalls and pools into the main river. This is a wonderful spot for swimming, with its bare sandstone bedrock and miniature gorges. There are a few small Bushman paintings at the entrance to the cave, but these are a safe distance from the sleeping quarters. The cave can easily accommodate 12 people, but Slingsby's map specifies only 8 and the latest Parks Authority brochures specify 10, although they seem quite happy to accept 12.

There is an escarpment cave in the Injasuti area called the Upper Injasuti Cave or Injasuti Summit Cave. This explains why the Lower Injasuti Cave is referred to as such.


The cave floor is sectioned off into several large sleeping areas.


The Injasuti River provides a reliable source of water all year round, although this is some distance away. The tributary is the better option, and since it is large it flows all year round.


The pools are about 100 metres from the cave and not much effort is needed to get to and from them.


Due to the large overhang and its location behind some trees and bush, this north-facing cave provides good shelter from both wind and rain.


There is not much of a view directly out of the cave, but a small but impressive section of the escarpment can be seen from the pools lower downstream. There is a domineering closeness about the setting.


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