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Ngwangwe Cave


Bushman\\\'s Nek Wilderness Area

At over 3000 metres, Ngwangwe Cave is 700 metres higher than Bushman's Cave which is located at the bottom of Ngwangwane Pass.  This pass is one of the easiest in the Drakensberg and amounts to nothing more than a steep, grassy slope. Ngwangwe Cave makes for a stiff morning walk from Bushman's Cave without packs.

Co-ordinates (WGS84 / dd mm.mmm):

S29 47.926 E29 07.440 at 2993 metres


Accommodation: 12

In good weather the cave can accommodate 12 people with ease. However, since it faces directly into the path of cold fronts coming up from the Cape, and because it has an enormously high roof, this number can be reduced to four or so in foul weather.


The main floor area is comfortably flat, and so is the side alcove and tunnel. The holes in the back wall of the cave can accommodate two young teenagers.


A small stream originates just below the cave and will provide plenty of water in summer. During the dry season you may have to venture further downhill to find running water. The hill is steep and the water only becomes available about 50 to 100 metres lower than the cave.


There are no pools near the cave, since it is situated near the top of Thaba Ngwangwe peak.


The cave could provide shelter from rain, but since it is so exposed to the wind, any precipitation is likely to be driven deep inside it. Unless you take refuge in the holes, you are unlikely to get much shelter from the elements. Lightning also poses a potential danger, so the cave should not be approached during a storm. Although the cave is quite far out of their way, inquisitive Basutho herb boys may pay a visit, so beware of theft!


The cave offers a fine view  into Lesotho over Tomathu Peak and towards the Devil's Knuckles, but the Drakensberg escarpment ends here and is replaced by more sedate, rolling hills. If you climb to the top of Thaba Ngwangwe, which is only about 20 metres above the cave, you will be able to look northwards along the southern escarpment towards the Rhino and Hodgson's Peaks.


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