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Ribbon Falls Cave


Cathedral Peak Wilderness Area

The cave is within easy walking distance of Cathedral Peak Hotel and the car park at the entrance to the hotel property.

Co-ordinates (WGS84 / dd mm.mmm):

S28 58.204 E29 12.017 at 1797 metres


Accommodation: 6

Ribbon Falls Cave is divided into three areas by numerous boulders which have collapsed from the walls and roof. The sleeping areas can accommodate a total of 6 hikers. The central area is what is first encountered when entering the cave from the trail. It is a pleasant sitting area, though after a heavy downpour, rivulets may run along the floor from water running into the cave elsewhere. The area to the right of the entrance suffers from the same problem, but it has a deeper, well-sheltered section which could sleep two people. The best sleeping area and most sheltered spot in the cave is to the left, which is not that obvious from the main entrance because it is hidden by a large boulder. The cave does not seem to be used much as an overnight spot though the impact of day-trippers is very noticeable.

Information about this cave has been supplied by C Sommer.


There is a lot of rubbish like cans, bits of paper and glass lying around. Fires have been made in two different parts of the cave and this has made parts of the wall very black. The most sheltered area can accommodate 4 people though not very spaciously. The impact that people have had on this cave has to a certain extent given it an unpleasant atmosphere.


In summer there is a trickle of water a short scramble above the path on the one side of the cave, but Ribbon Falls are fairly close by.


Downstream from the cave there are numerous places to swim, especially at Albert and Doreen Falls.


The main sleeping area offers very good protection from the weather because of its depth and the large boulder which effectively seals off the front side.


The sitting area of the cave offers a pleasant view over the valley and of Ribbon Falls. Mushroom Rock and Ganabu Ridge can also be seen, but there is no view of the escarpment. The Cathedral Peak Hotel is clearly visible at the bottom of the valley and this might be a drawback for someone seeking solitude and a wilderness experience.


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