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Sinclair's Cave


Kamberg Wilderness Area

The cave can be reached either from Mkhomazi itself, or from the hutted camp in the Kamberg Game Reserve.  In some ways similar to the main McKenzie's Cave because it is almost level with the ground in front of it, the main attraction of the cave is its proximity to the Kamberg Game Reserve, which is populated by Blesbok, Black Wildebeest and a few smaller antelope species such as the Klipspringer and Steenbok.  The cave is not difficult to find in clear weather when approached from the Kamberg side along the broad fire-break, but finding it could present some difficulty in mist, especially when coming from the Mkhomazi side.  This is compounded by the fact that its position is not marked correctly on maps of the area!

The route from Kamberg can take you past Game Pass Shelter, but a visit to these famous paintings requires paying for a guided tour and fitting in with the tour schedule.  Provided you allow yourself enough time, this is an attractive option, especially if it includes a visit to the Rock Art Interpretation Centre at the hutted camp.

Co-ordinates (WGS84 / dd mm.mmm):

S29 26.185 E29 40.920 at 2144 metres


Accommodation: 6

Sinclair's Cave is a relatively small sandstone overhang.  Most of the floor is covered with large boulders and cannot be used for sleeping accommodation.  It can accommodate only 6 hikers on slightly slanting floor areas.

Sinclair was one of the earlier owners of the farm Anondale, which lies at the foot of Settler's Pass.  The pass itself was built by Irish labourers to provide easier access to the high-lying plateau above the farm.  The intention was to drive horses onto the plateau so they would be out of reach of horse sickness during the summer months.  However, shortly after the completion of the pass, a vaccine was invented to prevent the disease, and not much cam of the plan.  Sinclair also bought about 100 acres of land at the top of the pass, which he fenced.  The original fence posts and the location of the kraal built for the herdsmen can still be seen in the vicinity of the cave.


The cave is mostly dry and dusty and the sleeping areas are less than ideal, but overall it is still quite pleasant.  The area around the pond is muddy, as can be expected.


A small waterfall flows over the lip of the cave into a large, shallow, muddy pond.  The undisturbed water is clean and clear and should be adequate for most of the year, although the stream may stop running during a very dry winter.  The pond attracts a variety of frogs but these do not seem to be too vocal!


The pool in front of the cave has a very muddy floor and doubtless has collected a number of sandals over the years!  It is also far too shallow for bathing.  The stream which meanders away from the pool is surprisingly deep - don't make the mistake of stepping into it or you could disappear up to your chest!  However, any attempt to swim in it will stir up the mud.


The overhang is deep and the cave's location in a shallow indent on the side of a hill with fairly open grassland in front of it means that it does not invite wind like many other berg caves.


There is not much of a view from the immediate vicinity of the cave, but if one ventures to the top of the hill behind, you can get a good view over Mkhomazi towards the escarpment in the far distance.


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