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Veranda Cave


Mnweni Reservation

This cave may be mistaken for Ifidi cave.

Co-ordinates (WGS84 / dd mm.mmm):

S28 47.443 E28 56.240 at 3098 metres


Accommodation: 3

Conveniently situated about 400 metres from the top of Ifidi Pass, this shallow overhang is in a rock band lying higher up and further in from the pass. It can be spotted by it's high roof and the high stone wall built at the front. Though more comfortable than Ifidi Cave below it on the edge of the escarpment, it is more exposed to bad weather. Up to 3 people can be accommodated but it is more ideal for 2. Should sleeping in tents not be desirable, caves in the area do not get much better than this.

The name was derived from it's appearance which resembles a small veranda due to it's high roof and flat back wall. It has an elevated view over the Ifidi area much like the view one might have from a veranda.  Information about this cave has been supplied by C Sommer.


The floor is level and dry, but drips from edge of the roof when it rains cause the outer perimeter of the floor to be moist which is a consideration when sleeping 3 people.  Though the sleeping area is narrow, hemmed in by the flat wall at the back and the high stone wall in front, the cave generally has a spacious feel and there is a suitable corner for the packs.  The single biggest factor reducing the comfort of this cave is it's vulnerability to the weather.


During the summer there are puddles of water nearby. In the dry season one may have to walk up to about 500 metres to find running water in the reliable, perennial stream feeding into the Kubedu river.


There are no pools in the immediate vicinity but shallow swimming ponds may be found further down the stream.


The very high roof and the high, exposed location of the cave cause the shelter to be unreliable in poor weather.  Even a slight wind from the front may cause some rain or snow to be blown into the cave.  The high stone wall at the front does provide some protection from wind. Ground/fly sheets or bivy bags are useful when sleeping in here.


The cave provides a pleasant view over the Singati Wall and the Ifidi area. The Ifidi Pinnacles and Ifidi Peak can be seen. An easy 300 metre walk to the edge provides even more dramatic views.


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